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Where to begin…

Snickers and I met by purely by accident, literally.

Years ago one Friday night in January, a friend of mine was driving down a busy freeway in Detroit, Michigan. “Monte” was in the median, next to the concrete divider, and noticeably scared. Both my friend and the car behind her, saw Monte and began to slow down so they could asses the situation. Unfortunately, Monte ran out in front of her car before she came to a complete stop.

The ladies picked up this fragile, scared dog and immediately took him in to the Humane Society. I really can’t stop singing praises of this amazing organization. They helped Monte and a few days later he was safe and ready for a new home and new name. 

Since our first encounter and home together, Snickers and I made a few monumental moves. First, we moved from Detroit to Chicago, and then seven years later we made the move from Chicago to Los Angeles. Our many rides to nowhere in between the moves, helped prepare Snickers for the long car rides. 

The brand, Snickers Favorite, really began out of necessity and the love of one man for his dog. I went to a big-chain supermarket once in search of a suitable treat for my new four-legged friend. After looking at and comparing several bags, I found that I couldn’t pronounce any of the ingredients, nor did I know what they were. I tracked an employee down and asked about the ingredients and how they would be beneficial to Snickers, they could not give me an answer. I put the bags back on the counter, went to my local butcher for duck breast, and the rest is history. 

In April 2016, Snickers passed away, and like most pet owners, I was devastated. I had to remove almost all of his possessions in order to maintain my emotional health. His toys and treats were all donated to neighborhood dogs. Of course, they had all hit the doggie lottery. After that, I went on with life, without Snickers, as best as I could. Eventually, I moved away for the apartment Snickers and I had shared to a dog-friendly area in Marina Del Rey, CA.  

There were so many dogs in the new neighborhood, and a few that just personified the best qualities of having a furry companion, man’s best friend. One dog in particular, Brooklyn, a pit/lab mix, showed pure love and kindness in his eyes, the same thing I saw in Snickers. I wanted this dog to experience some of Snickers’ treats. And it grew from there. One dog became two, which then became four, and before I knew it I had become an uncle to quite a few, great dogs. 

It was actually their owners who suggested I begin to market my treats to a larger audience, and share the wealth beyond our neighborhood. 

Snickers Favorite is a single-ingredient, all-natural pet treat made with the finest ingredients available: Duck, Turkey, Grass-Fed Beef, Australian Lamb, Salmon, Venison, Okinawa Sweet Potato, and more. 

With the exception of the lamb, all of the animals are born and raised in the USA.

During the upbringing of the animal, there are no outside artificial influences such as antibiotics, growth enhancements, or chemicals whatsoever. During processing, there is no use of seasoning or flavor enhancements. The meat is fresh and whole-muscle meat, never over processed into mush to be made into a unique shape. These treats are pure, natural, and the pets really pick up on the flavor and appreciate it wholeheartedly. 

Simply put, the treats are fresh, natural, and local. 

Truly the best treat your pet will ever eat! 

And the name, well that’s simple, Dad’s treats were always Snickers Favorite.

Thank you for reading my story, I truly believe your pet will enjoy the treats as much as Snickers always did.

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