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100% Grass Fed Beef
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Snickers’ Chicago

Snickers was no stranger to the finer dining aspect of doggie cuisine. Shortly after we made our first move across country to Chicago, my work at the time put me in contact with Snickers’ Uncle Bill. Bill owned a meat processing facility and made both Snickers and I welcome as we knew very few people there. This was where Snickers found the beef. And the best beef available, well not at the facility, I had to take it home first. The F.D.A. would have a field day if a dog was allowed to roam the U.S.D.A plant. As I mentioned Snickers knew fine dining and the All-Natural Grass Fed Beef he was given was the finest. If we were going to make a documentary of Snickers and my life together, we would have to call it…The Lucky Dog and the Looney Tune. Although I have met some awesome people, and they would share the title. You know who you are. I believe Snickers would really like the fact that his dad is sharing all of “Snickers Favorite” treats with the rest of the world. I hope your pet will enjoy the All-Natural Grass Fed Beef treats that Snickers loved.

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