Snickers Favorite

100% Lamb


Great for Dogs and Cats

100% Lamb
No Preservatives
No Antibiotics
No Chemical



Snickers, Guarding the wine

Nope, not even close. Snickers had two 50” x 50” pillow top beds just out of sight of this picture. So why is the poor puppy laying on the hardwood floor? It is the perfect view of the kitchen.

Dad is making All-Natural Lamb treats and he is sure to be the test doggie. Snickers being the reigning ambassador to the world of All-Natural dog treats, he is waiting for the opportunity to have the All-Natural Lamb Treat he loves so much. It is a close 2nd to his favorite, Duck.

Please be sure to treat your best friend to the assortment of the “Snickers Favorite” varieties.

Rest in peace my friend.

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