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100% Chicken
No Preservatives
No Antibiotics
No Chemical

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Why not, Dad?

On several occasions I’ve mentioned that Snickers didn’t get a lot of chicken made for him during his life.

Snickers Favorite all-natural, single-ingredient treat was brought up by more than several of our customers asking ” Why Not ” and also by seeing the excitement that the test doggies showed.

So, finally we answered.

I’m sure Snickers himself would have wanted and enjoyed these healthy and flavorful treats.

“I’m sorry Snickers, Dad didn’t mean to hold out on you.”

Snickers Favorite would just like to thank everyone that has faithfully supported us in the past and encourage your questions, comments or concerns.

Please, always feel you can reach out to us. We’re here to put your mind at ease. Rest in peace my friends.

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