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Duck Skin
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Just so you know, Snickers was not my first pet. This is me in 1966 with my first two dogs. The sable collie is Boots and her cousin Prince came along a few weeks later. These were the first of many great dogs in my life. And another truth be told, Snickers never had the treats in this bag. These were an idea a chef friend of mine had. I, however, perfected them and now use them as a training bite as another friend suggested. If your pet needs an incentive to listen better, this is it. These treats are made from the same 100% All-Natural Duck that is the original Snickers Favorite Duck treats came from. It is the skin of a duck and dogs love it. Of course as many of you already know, that the Snickers Favorite Dog treats are loved by so many great pets. I would like to pay tribute to so many greats dogs in my life, and I wish I could have treated them as I did Snickers. Not that they were mistreated in any way. I just had more me and culinary knowledge that I put toward Snickers upbringing. I would like to say he was the lucky one. But in reality, I was the lucky one to have been associated with all these magnificent animals.

Rest in Peace my Friends.

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