Snickers Favorite




100% Salmon
Single Ingredient
No Preservatives
No Antibiotics
No Chemicals




Gone Fishing

Snickers is headed to his favorite fishing spot. It’s just a short distance from here and it’s called the Great North West. This is where some of the best salmon available comes from. And of course, Snickers was in the loop. Snickers made it a point not to miss out on much. And never to miss out on his All-Natural Salmon Treats.

Snickers Favorite slow roast this delicacy with its skin on for the ultimate flavor, then dries it slow for almost a day causing every man, woman, and dog to go wild for the taste. It may still seem a little moist to touch and that’s because all of the natural fish oils are still in the flesh. A perfect All-Natural treat for our best friends.

Rest in Peace my Friend.

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