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Lie Down and Behave

Snickers use to love the holidays. There were always lots of extra people around and no one was really keeping score on just how many of Dad’s All-Natural Turkey Treats were being handed out. This photo was a Thanksgiving past and there were already four of five pair of legs in the kitchen and having an 85 lb. pooch and his inability to really help much was a little overboard. So he was asked politely to lie down and behave. And this is what he did. Snickers really enjoyed the leftover turkey that somehow was made into yet another delicious treat for his future spoilage. Snickers Favorite All-Natural Turkey Treat used to be a seasonal delicacy. But now with the focus on healthy eating I make it year-round. Snickers never really had too much chicken in his life, so this was his suitable and tasty alternative. Snickers Favorite wishes all of you to have many, many happy occasions with your best friends.

Rest in Peace my Friend

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