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Wild Boar


100% Boar
Single Ingredient
No Preservatives
No Antibiotics
No Chemicals



Nope, not me

As I have mentioned a few times, Snickers was always up for an adventure. But when I mention going out looking for wild boar? Well, he had to draw a line. There was no way he was going out to look for anything that would bite back. Just not going.

Snickers Favorite sources the wild boar made for our treats from the continental USA. And they are a little bit of a issue on some states. They do a lot destruction. But they do make a great pet treat. They have that gamey taste that just drives the pet as wild as the animal the treat came from.

Snickers Favorite is able to claim the treat as all Natural because no one is actually feeding the wild boar. They are hunters and slay their own meals.

Snickers had very little of this treat as it came around close to the end of his life. But one thing is certain, if Snickers were alive today, Wild Boar would definitely be on the menu.

Rest in peace my friend.

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